Day Trading Computer Setup Sneak Peak

Day Trading Computer Setup

When we started out one of the first things we wanted to know is “what is everyone else using to trade”?  What is a common day trading setup for day trading forex, stocks and crypto?  We had a hard time finding examples of what others were using.  It seems like the most basic starting point but few traders share that info.  Maybe because by the time they get around to building a training course that they have forgotten what it was like to get started.

First, let me share that any products that we recommend we are likely affiliates for.  In order to be able to maintain this training academy we have to monetize the site in some way. So, if you see something you like then have a look.  If you buy something we recommend then that is your way of saying “thank you” for us putting together this free course.  We appreciate your help.

So, in this section we’ll go over the tools of the trade.  We are all Mac users so we’ll start with our setup.  If you use a Windows based PC you can check out Windows based PC’s here on Amazon.

Let’s get started.

Stock Trading Computer Setup

Once we started our journey in trading we started small; one laptop and one external monitor.  (Honestly, you can get by with just a laptop or a desktop computer.)  However, what we started to learn was one external monitor wasn’t enough for what we wanted to do.  We aren’t suggesting that this is the only way to go about putting together your day trading setup but this is what ours has evolved into. And, we’ll break down what we do on each screen.

stock trading computer setup

Our Day Trading Setup

  • 4 LG 27″ Monitors – Click here.
  • 1 LG TV Monitor (re-purposed from an old setup) – Click here.
  • 1 2017 Macbook Pro (OS High Sierra, 15 inch, 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 2133 MHz memory, Radeon Pro 560, Intel HD Graphics ) Click here.
  • 1 2015 Macbook Pro (OS Catalina 2.2 GHz Quad Core Intel Core i7, 16 GB memory,Intel Iris Pro Graphics) Click here.
  • 1 ASUS Windows Based PC – Click here.
  • 1 Parallels Virtual Machine for Mac – Click here
  • 2 Logitech Trackball – Click here
  • 1 APC Surge Arrest – Click here
  • 1 MacBook Pro Docking Station – Click here
  • 1 Saferell Docking Station – Click here
  • 1 Vivo Quad Monitor Mount – Click here
  • 1 Vivo Dual Monitor Mount – Click here